10D9N Iran Ancient Civilization 10天9晚 伊朗古文明之旅

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DAY 1: Tehran 德黑兰 {IKA}
Arrival to Tehran. Pick up from Imam Khomeini International airport and transfer to hotel. After having breakfast, discover the historyofLandofPersia by visiting Golestan Palace (World heritage site). The glories of the Qajar rulers are played out across this complex of grandbuildingsdecorated with awesome painted tiles, colored windows and stunning mirror works which set around an elegant garden that’s worthvisiting.Thenvisit Grand Bazaar. It is the time to visit Tajrish Region (Bazaar and Darband). Darband, a combination of the nature of Tehran foothillswithtraditional restaurants and resorts. 抵达德黑兰后,从霍梅尼国际机场送至酒店。早餐后,参观古列斯坦宫(世界遗产),了解波斯的历史。卡扎尔统治者的荣耀在这座宏伟的建筑群中得到了体现,这些建筑装饰着令人敬畏的彩绘瓷砖,彩色窗户和令人惊叹的镜子作品,周围是一个值得一游的优雅花园。然后参观大巴扎。是时候参观塔杰里什地区(巴扎和达尔班德)了。达班德,结合了德黑兰山麓的自然与传统的餐馆和度假村。

DAY 2: Tehran ✈ (1hr30m – 2hr) Qeshm 德黑兰 ✈ (1 小时 30m 分 – 2 小时) 格什姆 (B/D)

After arriving to Qeshm and relaxing, in the afternoon visit Stars Valley. This valley is a very beautiful natural attraction in Qeshm, whichaccordingto the legendary belief of the natives the shape of alley has been taken due to the falling of the stars on the ground!the reality of itsformationisland erosion by hurricanes, seasonal showers and surface waters over many years which has created this incredibly beautiful anduniquewonderinQeshm Island. Then go to traditional bazaar and have time for shopping. 抵达格什姆后,下午参观星谷。这个山谷是格什姆一个非常美丽的自然景点,根据当地人的传说,这个山谷的形状是由于星星落在地上而形成的! 事实上,它的形成是由于多年来飓风、季节性阵雨和地表水对土地的侵蚀,从而在格什姆岛创造了这个令人难以置信的美丽和独特的奇迹。然后去传统的集市和购物。

DAY 3: Qeshm 格什姆 (B/D)
After breakfast at the hotel, have an excursion around the Island of wonders. Get on the boat and go to visit lovely dolphinsinthesea. Then visit a local kitchen where some women of the island cook traditional sea foods. After that it is time tovisit aholycanyonnamed Chahkooh.This canyon is one of the strangest attractions of Qeshm Geopark, which is located 70 kmfromQeshm. Chahkoohhas walls with a height of 100 meters which have created a quiet and low-light atmosphere. The cavities and grooves of thiscanyonwere formed due to rainwater, wind, torrential rains, and soil erosion, which created very beautiful geometric shapes. Atthisday,youcan walk along Coastal Food Bazaar near Hengam beach and taste various local foods. 在酒店用完早餐后,游览奇迹岛。上船去看海里可爱的海豚。然后参观当地的厨房,岛上的一些妇女在那里烹饪传统的海鲜。之后,是时候参观一个名为查库的神圣峡谷了。这个峡谷是格什姆地质公园最奇特的景点之一,距离格什姆70公里。Chahkooh 有 100 米高的墙壁,创造了一个安静和低光的氛围。这个峡谷的洞穴和沟槽是由于雨水、风、暴雨和土壤侵蚀而形成的,形成了非常美丽的几何形状。在这一天,你可以沿着横岩海滩附近的海滨食品集市散步,品尝各种当地美食。

DAY 4: Qeshm – (127km) – Hormuz 格什姆 – (127 公里) – 霍尔木兹 (B/D)
After breakfast, Pick up from hotel,move towards the Rainbow of Persian Gulf, Hormuz island.Have a day tour aroundthiscolorfulIsland.Visit Rainbow Valley,Valley of Statues,Salt Goddess. Rainbow valley is the most colorful part of Hormuz whichisinthesouthwest of the island. Rainbow Valley is composed mountains in different colors of yellow, white, red and the combinationofthesecolored soils together has created an extremely beautiful scene. The colored soils are used in painting, medicine, food, andartworks.Valley of statues: With a few hundred meters of walk to the beach,on the way where the silver sands attract attention, therearestones of different shapes. Each of these amazing stones are like an animal by the imagination of the viewer. Thenyoucanseelocalpeople make a kind of bread named Tamushi (flour+water+ egg +Mahyaveh or Mahveh,a kind of Sauce that is madefromtheredcolor of the soil and Moto fish) on a hot Pan. 早餐后,从酒店接机,前往波斯湾彩虹,霍尔木兹岛。在这个色彩缤纷的岛屿上进行一日游。参观彩虹谷,雕像谷,盐女神。彩虹谷是霍尔木兹最丰富多彩的部分,位于岛屿的西南部。彩虹谷是由黄色、白色、红色和不同颜色的山脉组成的这些彩色的土壤结合在一起,形成了一幅极其美丽的景象。有色土壤用于绘画、医药、食品和艺术作品。雕像谷: 走几百米到海滩,在银色沙滩吸引人的路上,有不同形状的石头。在观众的想象中,每一块神奇的石头都像一只动物。然后你可以看到当地人在热锅上制作一种名为 Tamushi 的面包(面粉+水+鸡蛋+Mahyaveh 或 Mahveh,一种由土壤和Moto 鱼的红色制成的酱汁) 。

DAY 5: Hormuz  (1hr) – Shiraz 霍尔木兹 – (1 小时) – 设拉子 (B/D)
After breakfast, move towards Shiraz through Haghani Port by landing craft. At night go to Quran Gate and see thenightlifeoflocalsin Shiraz. 早餐后,经由哈格尼港乘登陆艇前往设拉子。晚上去古兰经门,看看设拉子当地人的夜生活。

DAY 6: Shiraz 设拉子 (B/D)
In the morning, visit Naranjistan Garden and Nasir Al Mulk Mosque (Pink Mosque). Then visit Vakil Traditional Bazaar. (Enoughtimefrom walking along various traditional bazaars and enjoy buying handicrafts and souvenirs). In the evening visit Hafez Mausoleum.上午参观纳兰吉斯坦花园和纳西尔·穆尔克清真寺(粉色清真寺)。然后参观瓦基尔传统集市。(有足够的时间逛各种传统集市,享受购买手工艺品和纪念品的乐趣)。下午参观哈菲兹陵墓。

DAY 7: Shiraz – (60.7km) – Persepolis – (79.8km) – Pasargadae – (359km) – Isfahan 设拉子 – (60.7 公里) – 波斯波利斯- (79.8 公里) – 帕萨尔加德-(359 公里) – 伊斯法罕 (B/D)
After breakfast, drive towards the capital of Ancient Iran, Persepolis (World heritage site), the magnificent masterpieceof Achaemenidarchitecture.Then visit Naqsh-e Rustam and Pasargadae (World heritage site), A place that, among Tales of a ThousandColorsandMyths, captured King Cyrus forever. Then continue driving to Isfahan. 早餐后,驱车前往古伊朗首都的波斯波利斯(世界遗产),阿契美尼德建筑的宏伟杰作。然后参观纳克什鲁斯塔姆和帕萨尔加德(世界遗产),这是一个在千色传说和神话中永远俘获了居鲁士国王的地方。然后继续开车前往伊斯法罕。

DAY 8: Isfahan 伊斯法罕 (B/D)
In the morning, Visit Naqsh-e Jahan square. The whole city of Isfahan is on one side, Naqsh-e Jahan Square on theother!Thishistoricalcomplex, which is a combination of historical monuments, has a long history. This complex was built by order of ShahAbbasIandwasone of the largest squares in the world in the 11th century. Visiting the Traditional Bazaar around this square is a great opportunitytoget familiar with Isfahan handicrafts by visiting one of the workshops as well as enjoying its ancient architecture relatingtoSafaviddynasty. In the afternoon, visit Chehel sotoon Palace. 早上,参观 Naqsh-e Jahan 广场。整个伊斯法罕城在一边,Naqsh-e Jahan 广场在另一边!这个历史建筑群是历史遗迹的组合,历史悠久。这个建筑群是由沙阿巴斯一世下令建造的,是 11 世纪世界上最大的广场之一。参观这个广场周围的传统集市是一个很好的机会,通过参观其中一个车间来熟悉伊斯法罕手工艺品,并欣赏与萨法维王朝有关的古老建筑。下午,参观四十柱宮。

DAY 9: Isfahan – (174km) – Abyaneh – (88.1km) – Kashan – (248km) – Tehran
伊斯法罕 – (174 公里) – 阿比亚内 – (88.1 公里) -卡尚 – (248 公里) – 德黑兰 (B/D)
After breakfast,drive towards Red village (Abyaneh) and have enough time to walk through the Ruby of Iran .This 1,500-year-oldvillage,is historic village.The houses of Abyaneh village are built in a stepped manner and covered with red soil. Having a local lunchinthisnoble village can be an unforgettable memory of the Iran tour. Then Continue your trip towards Kashan. (140 km) After having restinKashan,in the afternoon visit Borujerdiha historical house. Then drive towards The Capital of Iran, Tehran. 早餐后,驱车前往红色村庄(阿比亚内),有足够的时间穿过伊朗红宝石,这个有着 1500 年历史的村庄,是一个历史悠久的村庄。阿比亚内村的房子是阶梯式建造的,上面覆盖着红土。在这个高贵的村庄吃一顿当地的午餐可能是伊朗之旅难忘的记忆。那就继续你的卡尚之旅。在卡尚休息后,下午参观博鲁杰蒂哈历史建筑。然后驱车前往伊朗首都,德黑兰。

DAY 10: Tehran ✈ KUL 德黑兰 ✈ 吉隆坡 (B)
Pick up from Hotel to Imam Khomeini International Airport to prepare for the return flight to Kuala Lumpur. 酒店接机前往霍梅尼国际机场,准备返程回吉隆坡。


  • Halfboard meals (All daily hotel hot breakfast & Dinners: local cuisine)
  • Domestic flight that mentioned in itinerary
  • Daily refreshment (4 bottles of water)


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