6D5N Penang /Gopeng /Pangkor Island /Sekinchan / ‘Sea of Star’ + Mirror of the Sky/ Kuala Lumpur 6天5晚 槟城 / 务边 / 邦咯岛 / 适耕庄 / ‘星之海’ + ‘天空之镜’ / 吉隆坡


DAY 1: Arrival at Penang Airport 抵达槟城机场 (L)
Pinang Peranakan Mansion 槟城侨生博物馆
✓ Understand about lifestyle and culture of Baba & Nyonya 了解峇峇娘惹
Clan Jetties 姓氏桥
✓ Penang first surname Jetty 槟城第一个姓氏桥
Armenian Street 亚美良亚街
✓ Wall Murals 壁画
✓ Unesco World Heritage Site 世界遗产地区
Proceed to Ipoh 前往怡保
Check in Homestay 登入民宿
Tong Shui Kai 糖水街

DAY 2: Proceed to Kampar Tin Mining Museum 前往金宝锡矿博物馆 (L) (D)
✓ Showcasing over 100 pictures of tin mines 展示逾百张珍贵的锡矿业
✓ Through various dolls and models, visitors can know more about
evolution of tin mining technology over the past century 通过各类人偶
及模型, 让参观者得以窥探百年锡矿业开采技术的演变
Gua Tempurung 椰壳洞
✓ Golden Flowstone (40 mins) the largest limestone cave in Peninsular
Malaysia 马来西亚半岛最大天然洞穴
✓ The five dome caves are named Gua Tempurung because the shape is
very similar to coconut shells. 由五个穹顶洞穴组成因为形状很像椰子
壳, 所以才取名为椰壳洞
Homemade Soy Sauce 传统古早味酱油厂
✓ Already in Business more than 80 years 已经营业有八十年之久
✓ Use traditional way to produce soy sauce 用传统的方式制作
Gopeng Vineyard (Agrotech) 葡萄园
✓ Fruit farm 水果园
✓ A good place to show different types of fruit trees 可以看到不同种类的
Proceed Back to Ipoh 返回怡保
Back To Homestay 返回民宿

DAY 3: Check out Homestay 登出民宿 (L)
Proceed to Turtle Sanctuary 前往海龟保育中心
Depart to Marina Jetty 出发前往玛丽娜娜码头
Pangkor Island Tour 邦咯岛观光
✓ Fishing Village
✓ Foo Lin Kong Temple
✓ Dutch Fort
✓ Satay Factory
Tua Pek Gong 大伯公
Proceed to Sekinchan 前往适耕庄
Check in Hotel 登入酒店

DAY 4: Check Out Hotel 登出酒店 (L) (D) (S)
Paddy Factory 稻米厂
✓ View of Paddy Field 稻田美景
✓ Process Paddy Plantation 种植稻米过程
Mango Farm 芒果园
✓ Different type mango 不同种类芒果
✓ Mango Smoothie 芒果冰沙
Ah Ma House 阿嫲的家
✓ Traditional Furniture 古老家私
✓ Traditional snack and biscuit 传统小吃和饼干
Redang Beach 热浪海滩
✓ Wishing Tree 许愿树
✓ Happiness Tree House 幸福小木屋
✓ Fishing Village Sightseeing 观看鱼村 Proceed
to Sungai Burong 出发到双武隆渔村 Sunflower
ThemePark 向日葵主题公园(打卡景点)
✓ 向日葵花海、天国的阶梯
✓ 网红秋千 、 水上浮桥
Enjoy the breath-taking scenery 享受怡人的时刻
✓ Sunset 夕阳西下
✓ Sea breeze 凉爽海风
Tracking ‘Sea of Stars’ 乘船追寻蓝眼泪
(Depends on weather 根据当天天气)
Free at own leisure 自由活动
✓ Karaoke 卡拉 OK

DAY 5: Proceed to Sky Mirror 前往天空之镜 (B) (L)
Free at own leisure 自由活动
✓ Beach combing (clams combed are belongs to tourist) 退潮后, 可进行滩 涂赶
海, 所捕获的蛤蜊皆归游客所有
✓ Photo session 拍照
Depart To Kuala Lumpur 出发到吉隆坡
KL City Gallery 城市规划馆
✓ The “I Love KL” sculpture-popular photo spot
✓ Architecture scale mode of Greater Kuala Lumpur
✓ Gift Shop 纪念品店
✓ Independence Square 獨立廣場
KLCC Shopping Mall KLCC 广场
Check in Hotel 登入酒店

DAY 6: Check Out Hotel 登出酒店 (B)
Putrajaya Tour 布城
China-Malaysia Frienship Garden 布城中马友谊花园
✓ memorates the 40th anniversary of the diplomatic relationship between
both countries.纪念马中友好建交 40 周年而建
✓ Putra Mosque 回教堂
Proceed to KLIA 2 前往 KLIA 2
Home Sweet Home 安全回家

Package Includes:
✓ Transportation 旅游交通
✓ Accommodation 住宿
➢ Ipoh: Homestay
➢ Sg Burong: Homestay
➢ KL : Hotel
✓ Entrance Fee 入场费
✓ Meals as per stated in itinerary 行程上所述之餐点
✓ Tour Coordinator 旅游助理


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