6D5N Yogyakarta Life With Ash 6天5晚 爪哇日惹默拉皮火生态之旅

  • 2023-01-04

Day 1: Arrive Yogyakarta (YIA) | ECO-VOLCANO TOUR: Life with Ash 抵达日惹 | 火山生态之旅:与灰烬一起生活
On arrival Yogyakarta Airport, meet and greet by our guide. Start off with our ECO-VOLCANO tour with a welcome dance by Sindhen (deaf and hearing dancer). Welcome dinner in Ruas bambu nusa. Sharing with local about disaster risk reduction (DRR): Life with Ash.
抵达日惹机场后,将有代表在机场迎接您。我们的火山生态之旅将由 Sindhen(聋哑舞者)的欢迎舞蹈开始。在 Ruas Bambu nusa 享用欢 迎晚宴,与当地人分享有关减少灾害风险(DRR)的信息:与灰烬一起生活。
Meals: Dinner 用餐:晚

Day 2: ECO-VOLCANO TOUR: Life with Ash 火山生态之旅:与灰烬一起生活
Early in the morning, have a quick ethno wellness exercise then proceed to Mt. Turgo for morning forest trail. You may learn some local disaster risk reduction (DRR) along the way. After that, we will proceed to Tyto Alba “Barn Owl” conservation and visit a home production of cheese making before we get to experience the local foraging and wild cookery class. In the afternoon, visit to Plaosan temple study about the ancient inscription – bearing gold sheet was discovered in the surroundings of an ancillary temple. By the end of today tour, let’stree-planting together. It’s help to reduce the impact of volcano’s carbon emissions and restore natural ecosystems.
今天清晨,一起锻炼民族健康体操,然后前往 Bukit Turgo 早晨森林漫步。在此过程中,您有机会学到一些当地减少灾害风险(DRR)的 咨询。之后,我们将继续前往参观 Tyto Alba“谷仓猫头鹰”保护区,并参观家庭式的奶酪制作生产,然后体验当地的觅食和野生烹饪课 程。下午,参观普拉欧善古佛塔,一同研究古代带有金皮的铭文。这是一座美麗的寺廟,充滿了真實的歷史古迹,也是佛陀和印度教的 結合體。行程结束时,让我们一起植树吧!它有助于减少火山碳排放的影响并恢复自然生态系统。
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner 用餐:早、午、晚

Day 3: Conservation Tour – UNESCO World Heritage Site 生态旅游 – 世界遗产之旅
Today, we’ll visit to 2 UNESCO World Heritage site in Yogyakarta. Candi Borobudur – It is the world’slargest buddhist temple, also a very stunning Buddhist temples,stupas, and pagodas, preserved in good condition. If time permitted, you could have an amazing sight of sunrise/sunset from the temple. After that, Visit to Candi Prambanan – the biggest Hindu’stemple in Indonesia. These ancient masterpieces of Hindu architecture are adorned with bas-reliefs depicting the famous Ramayana story.
今天,我们将参观日惹的 2 个世界遗产景点。婆罗浮屠 – 它是世界上最大的佛教寺庙,也是个非常令人惊叹的建筑,雕刻和佛塔依然保 持完好的形态。不得不佩服古人的智慧,把自己的信仰用一个伟大的建筑物表现🎧 来。如果时间允许,您可以从寺庙欣赏到日🎧/ 日落 的 壮丽景色。之后前往参观普兰班南寺庙群 – 印度尼西亚最大的印度教寺庙。它的独特之处在于其高耸的尖顶建筑、印度教建筑的典型
风 格和高达 47 米的中心建筑。这些印度教建筑的古代杰作装饰着浅浮雕,描绘了著名的罗摩衍那故事。在这里还有一个神秘的神话传说 , 就是广为流传的拉腊·琼河格兰的故事,一夜之间修建而成的神奇庙宇。
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner 用餐:早、午、晚

Day 4: Adventurous Experience – Journey to the center of Earth 冒险体验– 地心之旅
Goa Jomblang is a type of vertical cave known as Collapse Doline which is formed from the collapse of the ground to the bottom of the earth along with the vegetation centuries ago. The ruins of that natural events eventually form a sinkhole. Because it has quite a large opening at approximately 50 meters, the mouth of Goa Jomblang is often called by Luweng Jomblang. After trekking through mud in
three part of the cave, we witness the “light from heaven” emerging from above. After that, let’s Meet de maestro: Leather puppets. Not only meeting the wayang maestro, but you will have a chance to learn how to make leather puppet too.
中岜朗天坑是非常难得的地心洞穴之旅,它是几个世纪前地面坍塌到地球底部以及植被形成的。你可以垂降到洞穴中体验“天堂之光”, 圣光中还不时有落叶缓缓飘落。之后,让我们认识皮革木偶大师。您不仅会见到皮革木偶大师,而且也有机会学习如何制作皮革木偶。
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner 用餐:早、午、晚

Day 5: Cultural & Spiritual Journey – Finding the roots 日惹的文化与遗产
After breakfast, visit to Yogyakarta’s Palace – Kraton. This palace is actively used by the sultan as his residence. Sultan’s Palace is located inside the Sultan’s area where also has The Water Castle, The Royal Horse Carriage Museum, The Grand Palace Mosque and etc. Then we will be meeting and learn about the “Culture of abdi dalem” who contribute their life to serve Yogyakarta Palace. If you are lucky, you might catch the culture dance performances at the courtyard by abdi dalem.
早餐后,前往参观日惹皇宫,皇宫内拥有一系列豪华的大厅、宽敞的庭院和精致的凉亭,是爪哇宫廷建筑的最佳范例之一。日惹皇宫的 传统观念非常强,宫殿都是交由高贵的老家臣掌管,他们至今仍坚持穿着爪哇的传统服饰。如果幸运的话,我们能在庭院观看到皇家守 卫和女官的文化舞蹈表演。
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner 用餐:早、午、晚

Day 6: Yogyakarta Departure 日惹 – 回程
After Breakfast, Enjoy your own free time until transfer to airport for flight departure. 早餐后,享受自由时间,直到送往机场乘搭客机。
Meals: Breakfast 用餐:早

• Goa Jomblang may not suitable for weak hearted person

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