7D6N Fascinating Germany 7天6晚 风景如画 , 细品德国

  • Rothenburg

Day 1: Arrive Cologne (CGN)
On arrival at Cologne Bonn Airport, you will be welcomed by our representative and transfer to city for short city tour. Visit to Cologne Cathedral, it is a renowned monument of German Catholicism and Gothic architecture and was declared a World Heritage Site in 1996. Continue to City Hall, Old Town and Rhine River. Transfer to hotel for check in.
抵达科隆波恩机场后,将有代表迎接您并送往城市进行城市游览。首先参观科隆大教堂,它是德国天主教和哥特式建筑的著名纪念碑,已于 1996 年被宣布为世界遗产。继续前往市政厅、旧城区和莱茵河。最后送到酒店办理入住手续。

Day 2: Cologne – Frankfurt (191km) 科隆 – 法兰克福
After breakfast, transfer to Frankfurt (191km), and proceed for city tour: Romerberg, you can’t go to Frankfurt without visiting the Römerberg. This iconic square is home to a host of delights, from picturesque mediaeval buildings to historic markets. Walk along Old Town, Cathedral, Goethe House (view), and Old Opera House to experience the magic of a small-town.
早餐后乘车前往法兰克福(191 公里),半天市区游览:罗马堡,法兰克福必游览的风景之一。从风景如画的中世纪建筑到历史悠久的 市场,都在这个标志性的广场里面。沿着老城区、大教堂、歌德故居(景观)和老歌剧院漫步,感受小镇的魅力。
Meals: Breakfast

Day 3: Frankfurt – Heidelberg – Rothenburg 法兰克福 – 海德堡 – 罗腾堡
After breakfast, transfer to Heidelberg (92km) visit to Old Town, Heidelberg Castle (outlook view), Heidelberg University – founded in 1386, is Germany’s oldest and one of Europe’s most reputable universities, Church of Holy Spirit – Founded in 13th century, one of the few buildings in Heidelberg to survive the many wars during the past centuries. Continue to visit famous Karl Theodor Bridge.
早餐后前往海德堡(92km)参观老城区、海德堡城堡(远眺)、海德堡大学 – 创建于 1386 年,是德国最古老、欧洲最著名的大学之一, 圣灵教堂 – 创建于 13 世纪,其中一所在过去几个世纪的许多战争中,为数不多幸存下来的古老建筑物。继续参观著名的卡尔西奥多桥。
Meals: Breakfast

Day 4: Rothenburg – Stuttgart (152km) 罗腾堡 – 斯图加特
After breakfast, transfer for Rothenburg city tour, include of Rothenburg Town Hall – from 1572, Rothenburg’s town hall is decorated with intricate friezes and a large stone portico opening onto the main market square. Castle Garden – offers a stunning view (as you enter to park on your left) of the old town and the Tauber Valley. Continue transfer to Stuttgart, and enjoy your own free time.
早餐后,驱车前往罗腾堡城市之旅,包括罗腾堡市政厅 – 从 1572 年开始,罗腾堡的市政厅装饰着一个通向主要市场广场的大型石制门 廊。城堡花园 – 可欣赏到老城区和陶伯河谷的壮丽景色。继续前往斯图加特,享受自由活动。
Meals: Breakfast

Day 5: Stuttgart – Fussen 斯图加特 – 菲森
After Breakfast, Pick-up and transfer for Stuttgart city tour: Town Hall, Markthalle – is a specialties and gourmet temple with tempting offers for living and garden culture and further attractive shops, Schlossplatz Palace Square & Neues Schloss – largest square in Stuttgart Mitte and home to the Neues Schloss which was built between 1746 and 1807, following by Ludwigsburg Palace, Fernsehturm Stuttgart and Konigstrasse, the most famous shopping street in Stuttgart. Transfer to Fussen, check-in hotel.
早餐后,往城市出发: 前往市政厅,Markthalle – 一个特色和美食殿堂,提供诱人的生活和花园文化以及更多有吸引力的商店,参观王宫 广场 – 被称为“城市的心脏”斯图加特中区最大的广场和新宫的所在地,建于 1746 年至 1807 年间,紧随其后的是路德维希堡宫、斯图加特 电视塔和斯图加特最著名的购物街 Konigstrasse。前往菲森,入住酒店。
Meals: Breakfast

Day 6: Fussen – Munich (132km) 菲森 – 慕尼黑
After breakfast, visit to Neuschwanstein Castle – Neuschwanstein was built for the Bavarian king Ludwig II (1845 – 1886); it was begun in 1868 but never fully completed, it is the most famous historicist building in the world. Continue to Munich and proceed to half day city tour: Marienplatz, Old Town Hall, Frauenkirche Church, Munich’s Residenz Palace.
早餐后,参观新天鹅堡——新天鹅堡是为巴伐利亚国王路德维希二世(1845-1886)建造的;它始建于 1868 年,但从未完全完工,它是 世界上最著名的历史主义建筑。继续前往慕尼黑,进行半天的城市游览:包括玛利亚广场、旧市政厅、圣母教堂、慕尼黑王宫等。
Meals: Breakfast 用餐:早

Day 7: Munich (MUC) – Departure 慕尼黑
After breakfast, enjoy your own free time until transfer to airport for flight departure 早餐后,自由活动直到送往机场。
Meals: Breakfast 用餐:早餐


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