8D7N Europe Romantic Tour 8 天 7 夜 歐洲浪漫之旅

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Day 1: Frankfurt – Rudesheim – Baden-Baden- (FRA)
Depart from Frankfurt airport in the morning, head to Rüdesheim, a riverside town in the Rhine Valley, visit the Rhine Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, enjoy the picturesque scenery of the Rhine Valley during the voyage, and taste this Wines from world-renowned wine regions. Afterwards, head to Baden-Baden to experience the most traditional hot springs in Germany. Overnight at Leonardo Royal Hotel Baden-Baden or equivalent 4-star hotel. 上午 Frankfurt airport 出发,前往莱茵河谷的河畔小镇吕德斯海姆,游览被联合国教科文组织列为世界遗产的莱茵河谷,在航程中欣赏莱茵河谷如画般的美景,还能亲口品尝到这个享誉世界的葡萄酒产区出产的美酒。之后前往巴登巴登,感受德国最传统的温泉。
Overnight at Leonardo Royal Hotel Baden-Baden or equivalent 4-star hotel
夜宿巴登巴登莱昂纳多皇家酒店或同等 4 星级酒店


Day 2: Baden-Baden-Strasbourg-Colmar
Depart for Strasbourg in the morning, visit Notre-Dame Cathedral in Strasbourg, and visit Petite France. The German-style wooden houses and the interlaced small canals complement each other, which is like a fairy tale. In the afternoon, head to Colmar, one of the romantic and fairy-tale towns in France. It is also the shooting location of the prototype of Hayao Miyazaki’s movie “Howl’s Moving Castle” and “Chinese Restaurant 2”. Visit the beautiful old town of Colmar. Sights such as the House of the Heads and the beautiful architecture of Colmar, the House of Pfistai. 上午出发前往斯特拉斯堡,参观斯特拉斯堡圣母大教堂,游览小法兰西,德国风格的木结构房屋与交错的小运河相得益彰,有如童话般美丽。下午前往法国浪漫、童话般的小镇之一科尔马,这里也是宫崎骏电影《哈尔的移动城堡》原型及《中餐厅2》的实景拍摄地,游览美丽的科尔马老城区,人头屋和科尔马漂亮的建筑普菲斯泰屋等景点。
Overnight at the Mercure Colmar Center Hotel or equivalent 4-star


Day 3: Colmar – Interlaken – Lucerne – Zurich
In the morning, visit Lake Brienz and Lake Thun along the way. After arriving in Interlaken, you can freely visit Hervik Street, Holheimat, a quiet village, surrounded by green trees, dotted between mountains and rivers, and people and nature are integrated. In the afternoon, set off to visit the lake and mountains of Lake Lucerne. Afterwards, take the Golden Mountain Pass sightseeing train to Interlaken, a 2-hour drive, through the mountains and mountains (included ticket), enjoying the beautiful scenery along the way. 上午沿途游览布里恩茨湖和图恩湖,到达因特拉肯后,自由游览何维克街,荷黑马特,宁静的村庄,绿树掩映,点缀在山水之间,人与自然浑然一体。下午出发游览卢塞恩湖的湖光山色。之后乘坐金色山口观光列车前往因特拉肯 (包括火车票),2 小时左的车程,穿山越岭,一路上欣赏美丽的风景。
Overnight at the Fassband Hotel Zurich or equivalent 4-star hotel

Day 4: Zurich – Neuschwanstein Castle – Munich
Departure in the morning to visit Neuschwanstein Castle, Hohenschwangau Castle, Marianne Bridge and Lake Alp. Neuschwanstein Castle and Hohenschwangau Castle are surrounded by mountains and rivers, echoing each other on the top of the two mountain tops. One is the portrayal of the romantic life of the fairy tale King Ludwig II, and the other is the symbol of his father, Maximilian II, who advocated nature. On the mirror-like Alpine Lake under the Swan Castle, the swans cuddling with each other sometimes play in the water. 上午出发前往游览新旧天鹅堡,高天鹅堡,玛丽安桥与阿尔普湖。新天鹅堡和高天鹅堡依山傍水,在两座山顶上遥相呼应,一个是童话国王路德维希二世浪漫传奇一生的写照,一个是其父王马克西米利安二世崇尚自然的象征。天鹅堡下明镜般的阿尔卑斯湖湖畔,相依相偎的天鹅时而群起戏水。
Overnight at Leonardo Hotel Munich East or equivalent 4-star


Day 5: Munich – Königssee – Salzburg
In the morning, we will start to visit the King’s Lake under the Alps, and enjoy the scenery of the lake and mountains. Then we will visit the famous German-Austrian border city of Salzburg. Salzburg is the Salt Fort, named after the salt mine and the castle. Overlooking the city from Hohensalzburg, visit Mozart’s house, experience street art, and go crazy for music. 上午从出发前往游览阿尔卑斯山下的国王湖,饱览湖光山色,随后游览德奥边境名城萨尔茨堡,萨尔茨堡即盐堡,因盐矿和城堡而得名。从萨尔茨堡要塞(Hohensalzburg)可俯瞰全城,参观莫扎特故居,感受街头艺术,全城为音乐而疯狂。
Overnight at the Mercure City Hotel Salzburg or equivalent 4-star hotel


Day 6: Salzburg –(1hr30m)Munich
Set off for Munich, visit Munich’s Old Town, the Royal Palace, the New Town Hall, Marienplatz, Palace Beer House and other famous attractions. Marienplatz is currently the largest square in Munich and is known as the “city living room”. The bronze statue fountain located on the north side of Maria Square is the famous Fish Spring Wishing Pond, facing the entrance of the new city hall. The scenery is compact and fascinating. 出发前往慕尼黑,游览慕尼黑老城,王宫,新市政厅,玛利亚广场,宫廷啤酒屋等著名景点,玛丽亚广场是目前慕尼黑最大的广场,有着“城市客厅”之称。位于玛丽亚广场北侧的青铜雕像喷泉是著名的鱼泉许愿池,正对新市政厅的入口,景色紧凑有致,引人入胜。
Overnight at Leonardo Hotel Munich East or equivalent 4-star hotel.


Day 7: Munich – Nuremberg – Rothenburg
Departure in the morning to the birthplace of Siemens, the proud German company, and the place where the Nazi war criminals were tried after World War II – Nuremberg, visit the King’s Castle, St. Lawrence Church, and the Toy Museum. In the afternoon, head to Rothenburg, a well-preserved medieval castle in Germany, and visit Rothenburg Town Hall, Castle Garden and other attractions. 上午出发前往德国引以为傲的西门子公司的诞生地,也是二战结束后对纳粹战犯举行审判的地方-纽伦堡,游览国王城堡,圣劳伦斯教堂,玩具博物馆。下午前往德国保存完整的中世纪城堡——罗腾堡,游览罗腾堡市政厅,城堡花园等景点。
Overnight at Pritz Hotel Rothenburg or equivalent 4-star hotel.


Day 8: Rothenburg – Frankfurt Airport departure –(FRA)
Drive to Frankfurt city by car, visit St. Nicholas Cathedral, City Hall, Roman Forum, etc. After that, the beautiful journey ends. 随车前往法兰克福市区,游览圣尼古拉大教堂,市政厅,罗马广场等。之后结束美好行程。



  1.  Private tour Min. GV.2 per booking with English driver cum guide (Chinese guide on request).
  2. Daily Departure. Please ensure your flight schedule tallies with our tour schedule. Any missed flight will not be refunded.
  3. Non-refundable deposit of RM 500/Pax upon booking confirmation. Extend Room under request. Full payment must be made 35 days before departure.
  4. 7 Nights’ 4* Accommodations. With daily Hot Breakfast.
  5. Tipping for Driver Cum Guide RM510 per Tour /per pax.
  6. Tour packages are only applied for Malaysian passport holder.
  7. Prices are quoted per person in Ringgit Malaysia (MYR) & subject to change without prior notice.
  8. Hotel rooms are subject to availability. If selected hotel unavailable, others similar accommodation will be provided with different price apply (if any).
  9. Hotel check in time 15.00 – onwards. Check out time 12.00.
  10. Child twin share = child with extra bed = adult twin share fare: 100% of adult fare (Twin Share), Child no bed = 75% from Adult Twin Share fare.
  11. Sequence of itinerary subject to local arrangement.
  12. No services has been blocked under your favor, subject to availability upon your confirmation. ** Golden Leaf Season – last week of Sept – BEGINNING of Mid Nov/2022

** Christmas market REFERENCE:
Munich /Salzburg/ Colmar/ Strasbourg (19 Nov/2022- 2 Jan/2023)


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