• The Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque is the main Mosque in the Sultanate of Oman.

Day 1: Arrive Muscat 抵达马斯喀特
On arrival at Muscat, you will be welcomed by our representative and transfer to hotel. 抵达马斯喀特国际机场后,将会有导游迎接您并送往酒店入住。

Day 2: Muscat 马斯喀特
The first stop on the Muscat City Tour is the Grand Mosque, the most beautiful architectural piece of work. After that proceed to old part of Muscat Muttrah souq, traditional Omani market. The next stop is the National Museum where you will be able to learn about the 7000-years history of Oman. Entrance to Al Alam Palace (video filming is prohibited) surrounded by the 2 Forts of Mirani and
Jalali built by the Portuguese in the 16th century during their rule of the coastal cities of Oman. Photo stop at the first Opera House built in the Middle East region.
马斯喀特城市之旅的第一站是卡布斯苏丹大清真寺,这是最美丽的建筑作品。之后前往阿曼传统市场马特拉市场,是一个充满生机和繁 华色彩的摊位,里面摆满了纺织品和香料。下一站前往国家博物馆,这边能了解阿曼 7000 年的历史。前往阿兰姆宫殿的(禁止拍摄视频)建于 1972 年,是为了纪念卡布斯国王的丰功伟业而建造。接着在中东地区建造的第一座歌剧院拍照留念

Meals: Breakfast& Lunch 用餐:早、午
** (Mosque Specific Dress Code: long sleeves till; wrists, long trousers/skirts till ankles, covered neck, covered head for the ladies)

Day 3: Muscat – Nizwa – Jabal Akhdar 马斯喀特 – 尼兹瓦 – 绿山
After breakfast, transfer to Nizwa. Visit Amouage Perfume Factory – Omani national luxury worldwide famous perfume brand. Photo stop on the top point with a stunning view to Birkat Al Mouz – palm tree plantation with the ancient village with 500-years abundant houses. Here you will be able to observe UNESCO Heritage site 4000-years Falaj irrigation system which workstill nowadays. visit the
unique cattle market in Nizwa (on Fridays). Livestock owners, both women and men from nearby areas, bring their animals – mainly sheep, goats, cattle and at times even camels – to the market where they are registered. Visit the Nizwa Fort which has been strategically built atop a hill overlooking the ancient city with its colorful domes and bustling market below. Spend some time in this traditional city and visit the interesting fort with the round tower and the museum and stroll through the Nizwa Souq where you will be able to try National Oman sweet –freshly cooked Halwa, try differentsorts of Omani dates and buy some western species.
早餐后前往尼兹瓦. 参观了 AMOUAGE 香水工厂,据说这是世界上最贵的香水之一,被称作“国王的礼物”。在最高点停留拍照,欣赏 Birkat Al Mouz 泥磚村的壮丽景色,拥有 500 年历史的古老村庄。在这里,您将能够看到联合国教科文组织遗产地 4000 年的 Falaj 灌溉系 统,该系统一直运行至今。参观尼兹瓦独特的牛市场(每周五),附近的牧民将他们饲养的绵羊、山羊、牛,骆驼等带到他们登记的市
场进行交易。参观建造在山顶上的尼兹瓦堡垒,俯瞰这座古城及下面熙熙攘攘的市场。接着参观带有圆塔和博物馆的有趣堡垒,漫步穿 过尼兹瓦集市,在那里您可以品尝阿曼国家甜食——新鲜烹制的哈瓦(Halwa),品尝不同种类的椰枣及当地的小食等。

Meals: Breakfast& Lunch 用餐:早、午

Day 4: Jabal Akhdar – Al Hamra 绿山 – 哈姆拉
After Breakfast, start the day from short walk and long hikes to military routes and trips to fruit, rose, and nut plantations. Along the Village walk & Saiq Plateau journey, you will be able to see how local people adapted to live in the mountain, the houses they leave in and the crop they cultivate. Drive to Wadi Bani Habib, with 5 minutes walking till the photo stop point with a breathtaking view to
the Canyon. Proceed to Misfat Al Arbiyeen, a village that features incredible agricultural terraces, beautiful alleys, and old muds houses with palm frond roofs built on solid rock foundation.
早餐后,前往绿山,沿途有着令人惊叹的大马士革玫瑰、果树林和传统的石头村庄。沿着赛格高原,您将能够看到当地人如何在山地生 活、包括他们的房屋和他们种植的庄稼。驱车前往瓦迪巴尼哈比卜,步行 5 分钟即可到达可欣赏峡谷壮丽景色。前往阿尔阿伯里茵的米 斯法,这个村庄拥有令人难以置信的农业梯田、美丽的小巷和古老的泥屋,有着当地独特的土高楼建筑

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner 用餐:早、午、晚餐

Day 5: Al Hamra – Ras Al Hadd 哈姆拉 – 苏尔拉斯阿尔卡金兹海龟保护区
After breakfast, transfer to small town of Bahla which is famousfor its gigantic Fort listed as UNESCO Heritage site. Proceed to Jibreen Castle, the finest of Oman’s castle built during the late 17th century. On the way to Ras Al Hadd you will get the opportunity to have lunch at a localOmani house and experience the true Omani hospitality. Visit The Turtle Reserve watching turtles in the
nature – the process of laying eggs, digging multiple holes to mislead the predators and many others lifehacksthat turtles use to protect their offspring. If you are lucky enough, you will able to see small baby turtles coming out from the sand.
早餐后,送往巴赫莱要塞,因巨大堡垒而闻名,已经被列为联合国教科文组织遗产。参观賈布林城堡,由 17 世纪势力最强大的领主所 建,前往苏尔拉斯阿尔卡金兹海龟保护区,每年 7-9 月是海龟产卵旺季,每天都有大约 20 – 50 海龟在保护区的海滩产卵,如果运气好的 话还能看到海龟宝宝们从沙里面钻🎧 来往海边游去。

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Day 6: Wadi & Coastline 马斯喀特 – 自然风光
After breakfast, take a dip and relax in the cool waters of a natural pool. Bring your own swimming suit and head to Wadi Bani Khalid. Enjoy not only calm, clear and deep water, but also the sight of the palm trees all around (bikinis are not allowed). After the wadi escapade, you’ll be driven to Sur, where you will be seeing some fishermen in action as they go through their lives at the harbor. Visit the Dhow-building factory where traditional wooden boats are made by hand. Visiting the white sandy Fins Beach and natural Sinkhole Bimmah, where sea water and fresh groundwater meet.
早餐后,带上你自己的泳衣,前往瓦迪巴尼哈立德。不仅可以享受平静、清澈、深邃的海水,还可以欣赏四周的棕榈树(禁止穿比基 尼)。随后驱车前往苏尔,一些渔民就在港口处生活及工作。接着参观手工制作传统木船的单桅帆船制造厂。参观白色沙滩 Fins 海滩和 天然比玛落水洞,洞穴中的淡水与外面接壤的海水混合成蓝绿色,这是一种极其稀奇的颜色,极其美丽,就像是碧绿的宝石一般。

Meals: Breakfast& Lunch 用餐:早、午

Day 7: Muscat – Bandar Al Khayran 马斯喀特 – Bandar Al Khayran
After breakfast, enjoy the sea adventures program, transfer to Muscat harbor and on board cruise watching the dolphins & go to discover the underwater world of Oman with snorkeling masks. First experience the power, grace and speed of the dolphins in their natural environment – a truly amazing and a spectacular sight to see! Transfer back to hotel for your own leisure time
早餐后,前往马斯喀特海港准备乘船🎧 海观看海豚,戴上浮潜面具探索阿曼的海底世界。结束后送回酒店享受自由时间。

Meals: Breakfast 用餐:早

Day 8: Muscat – Departure 马斯喀特
After breakfast, enjoy your own free time until transfer to airport forflight departure 早餐后,自由活动直到送往机场。

Meals: Breakfast


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