8D7N Scandinavia & Baltic Sea Tour | 8 天 7 夜斯堪的纳维亚和波罗的海之旅

  • Copenhagen old town panorama, Nyhavn harbor, Denmark. Popular tourists attraction place in Copenhagen, nyhavn district

Day 1: Arrive Helsinki –(HEL) 抵达赫尔辛基
Helsinki Airport Pick up to hotel. Free day of shopping. 赫尔辛基机场接您到酒店。 自由购物日。
Check in Crowne Plaza Hotel Helsinki or same grade 入住赫尔辛基皇冠假日酒店或同级

Day 2: Helsinki [Walking through the Nordic “Venice on the Water”, feeling the fusion of classic and modern]-Stockholm (today included Nordic Chinese lunch)
赫尔辛基【漫步北欧“水上威尼斯”,感受古典与现代的融合】-斯德哥尔摩 (是日包北歐中式午餐)
In the morning, visit the old city of Helsinki and the city center attractions. Visit the three cathedrals of Helsinki: the white Helsinki Cathedral (photo stop), the red
Uspenski Orthodox Church (photo stop) and the Church of the Rock (included ticket). In the evening the cruise re-sailed for Stockholm. 上午游览赫尔辛基古城区及市中心景点。游览赫尔辛基三大教堂:洁白的赫 尔辛基大教堂 (photo stop )、红色的乌斯别斯基东正教堂 (photo stop )以及岩 石教堂 (included ticket)。傍晚游轮重新起航,驶往斯德哥尔摩。
Overnight: Viking / Silja cruise ship – Seaview cabin (Include Breakfast for Day 3 Morning)
夜宿:维京人/西利亚游轮 – 海景舱(包含第三天早上的早餐) *Cruise check-in at 3 pm, depart at 5 pm. *游轮下午 3 点登记入船,下午 5 点出发。
Highlights of the Tour:

  • Helsinki Cathedral 赫尔辛基大教堂
  •  Uspenski Church 乌斯别斯基教堂
  • Rock Church 岩石教堂
  •  Plaza block 广场街区

Day 3: Stockholm【Daughter of the Baltic Sea, Design Capital of the World】 斯德哥尔摩【波罗的海的女儿,世界设计之都】
In the morning, go to Stockholm City Hall, visit the pearl city of Nordic palaces – Stockholm Old Town Gamla Stan, StockholmRoyal Palace, Stockholm City Hall, and experience the profound culture emanating from the Nordic old city. 上午 斯德哥尔摩市政厅,游览北欧皇宫明珠之城——斯德哥尔摩老城 Gamla Stan、斯德哥尔摩王宫、斯德哥尔摩市政厅,感受北欧老城散发出的厚重文化。
Overnight: Scandic 4* Grand Central hotel or same grade
夜宿:斯堪迪克中央大酒店 4 星级或同等级酒店
Highlights of the Tour:

  •  Stockholm City Hall 斯德哥尔摩市政厅

Day 4: Stockholm – Jönköping【Free time to visit the Viking historical food capital】 斯德哥尔摩-延雪平【自由畅游维京历史美食之都】
Visit Stockholm’s Art Metro (included ticket) to the Match City Jönköping, visit Lake Vättern and the Match Museum (included ticket). 参观斯德哥尔摩的艺术地铁 (included ticket ),前往火柴城
延雪平,游览韦特恩湖和火柴博物馆 (included ticket)。
Overnight: Scandic Hotel Jönköping 4-star hotel or similar
夜宿:延雪平斯堪迪克酒店 4 星级或同等级酒店
Highlights of the Tour:

  • T-CENTRAL station 地铁中央站

Day 5: Jonkoping-Copenhagen【Encounter Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale kingdom-Denmark, Copenhagenonthetipofyour tongue】延雪平-哥本哈根【邂逅安徒生童话王国-丹麦,舌尖上的哥本哈根】
Departure from Sweden to Denmark across the Øresund Bridge in the morning, arrive in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark,visit Copenhagen Newport Nyhavn, the Little Mermaid sculpture, Gifion Goddess Fountain, Torvehallerne foodcourt. 上午出发穿越厄勒海峡大桥从瑞典前往丹麦,抵达丹麦首都-哥本哈根,游览参观哥本哈根新港、小美人鱼雕塑、★吉菲昂女神喷泉, Torvehallerne 美食广场。
Overnight: Scandic Hotel Copenhagen 4-star hotel or similar
夜宿:哥本哈根斯堪迪克酒店 4 星级或同等级酒店
Highlights of the Tour:

  •  Oresund Bridge 厄勒海峡大桥
  •  Newport (Nyhavn) 新港

Day 6: Copenhagen – Helsingor – Gothenburg (Volvo Car Home Town) [The real place of Shakespeare’s famous play “Hamlet” – Kronborg Palace]
哥本哈根-赫尔辛格-哥德堡 (Volvo Car Home Town) 【莎翁名剧《哈姆雷特》的真实发生地-卡隆堡宫】
Depart for a visit to Kronborg Palace, a luxurious Renaissance castle; Afterwards, drive to Gothenburg, a seaport city on the west
coast of Sweden. Upon arrival, you can freely visit Mastagate Church and Avenyn Avenue. 出发前往参观文艺复兴时期的豪华城堡-克隆堡宫;之后乘车前 往瑞典西海岸海港城市-哥德堡,抵达后自由参观马斯塔盖特教
堂、Avenyn 大道。
Overnight: Quality Hotel Gothenburg 4-star hotel or similar
夜宿:哥德堡品质酒店 4 星级或同等级酒店
Highlights of the Tour:

  • Amalienborg Palace 阿美琳堡宫
  • Kronborg Palace 克隆堡宫

Day 7: Gothenburg-Oslo【Quiet seaside town, Nordic seaside slow pace】 哥德堡-奥斯陆【宁静的海边小城,北欧式的海滨慢节奏】
In the morning, set off for Oslo, the capital of Norway, and enjoy all the way to the north to visit Norway, a well-knowncountrythat is rich, healthy and happy in the world; Upon arrival in Oslo, head to Oslo City Hall, Royal Palace, VigelandSculpturePark,and Oslo Opera House. 上午出发前往挪威首都-奥斯陆,一路欣赏向北,去参观世界范围内富有、健康、幸福的知名国度-挪威;抵达奥斯陆后,前往奥斯陆市政厅,皇宫,维格兰雕塑公园以及奥斯陆歌剧院。
Overnight: Park Inn Radisson Oslo 4* hotel or same grade
住宿: 拉蒂森奥斯陆公园酒店 4 星级或同等级酒店
Highlights of the Tour:

  •  Oslo City Hall 奥斯陆市政厅
  •  Oslo Royal Palace 奥斯陆皇宫

Day 8: Oslo-Departure home –(OSL) 奥斯陆-返家
Free day for shopping. Transfer to airport to fly home. 自由购物日。 转移到机场飞回家。



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