8D7N The World Fairy Tale Europe Tour 8天7晚 欧洲童话之旅

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Day 1: Belgium-Bruges-Brussels【Middle world fairy tale castle tour, spoil you like a princess】
Airport arrival pick up, go to a tourist city in western Belgium, visit the old town of Bruges, which is a world heritage of human protection. After that, visit the medieval city of Bruges, then continue to Brussels. 比利时机场接送-前往比利时西部旅游城市,参观世界人类保护遗产的布鲁日老城区。随后游览布鲁日中世纪古城之旅,前往布鲁塞尔游览。
Overnight: Brussels Hilton or similar 4-star hotel

Day 2: Brussels-The Hague (Kukenhof Gardens)- Amsterdam【Tulip Fairy Celebration】
布鲁塞尔-海牙(库肯霍夫花园)-阿姆斯特丹【郁金香花仙子庆典】                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      In the morning, head to the seat of the United Nations International Court of Justice, Scheveningen Pier on the Dutch coast, The Hague, and visit the Hofkapel Castle complex in the old city of The Hague. Afterwards, proceed to Amsterdam to visit the Diamond Museum and Amsterdam Canal Cruise
早上前往联合国国际法庭的所在地,荷兰海岸的斯海弗宁恩码头荷兰海岸——海牙,游览海牙老城古城Hofkapel 城堡建筑群。之后前往阿姆斯特丹游览钻石博物馆及阿姆斯特丹运河游船。
Overnight: Arene Orphanage Hotel or similar 4-star hotel
夜宿: 亚瑞娜酒店或同等四星级酒店
Keukenhof Tulip Garden is opening on 23 March 2023


Day 3: Amsterdam – Windmill Village – Fishing Village – Giethoorn Village [Enter the beautiful paradise from the sea road]
In the morning, head to the seat of the United Nations International Court of Justice, Scheveningen Pier on the Dutch coast, The Hague, and visit the Hofkapel Castle complex in the old city of The Hague. Afterwards, proceed to Amsterdam to visit the Diamond Museum and Amsterdam Canal Cruise. 早上前往荷风车村景区赞斯堡(Zaanse Schans),游览位于阿姆斯特丹 23 公里的福伦丹(北海渔村),随后穿越阿夫鲁戴克拦海公路大坝,前往荷兰西北方 Overijssel 省的 De Wieden 自然保护区内的羊角村,享受充分世外桃源与绿色威尼斯的美景,乘坐大型平底船驶入羊角村风景区和 Bovenwijde 湿地湖区。
Overnight: Blackwater Hotel or similar 4-star hotel

Day 4:Giethoorn-Cologne -Aachen 【Alternation of German Aromatherapy Spa and Bistro】
Depart from Giethoorn Village in the morning and visit the third highest and third largest Gothic church in the world – Cologne Cathedral and the romantic bridge full of love locks – Hohenzollern Bridge. After lunch, head to Aachen, Visit the [Cathedral]. Although the overall shape of the church has experienced more than 1,200 years of ups and downs, it is still magnificent. The church exhibits such as the Lotharkreuz around 1000 AD and the partially gilded silver bust of Charlemagne (Karlsbüste) after 1349. Experience the German spa. 早上从羊角村出发,前往游览世界第三高也是第三大的哥特式教堂—科隆大教堂以及挂满爱情锁的浪漫之桥—霍亨索伦桥,午餐后,前往亚琛,游览【大教堂】,教堂整体外形虽历经 1200 多年的风风雨雨却依然恢宏如故。亚琛大教堂收藏的历史上的无价之宝,如公元 1000 年左右的洛塔尔圣十字架(Lotharkreuz) 和 1349 年之后局部镀金的银质查理大帝半身像 (Karlsbüste) 等展品。体验德式温泉。


Day 5: Aachen-Luxembourg-Paris【Natural Landscape and Architect’s Battle Show】
Depart from Aachen in the morning and head to Luxembourg, a Grand Duchy with a very different style from other countries. Luxembourg is full of many historical sites and picturesque attractions. In addition to the world heritage sites, the “Grand Duke’s Mansion” is one of the official residences of the Grand Duke cannot be missed. Tour Syntagma Square, Petros Grand Canyon, Altdorf Bridge, Notre Dame Cathedral. 早上从亚琛出发,前往与其他国家风情迥然不同的大公国——卢森堡,卢森堡内遍布着众多名胜古迹与如画景点,除世界遗产景点外,作为大公的官方住宅之一的“大公府”也不可错过。游览宪法广场,佩特罗斯大峡谷,阿尔道夫大桥,圣母院大教堂。


Day 6: Paris【Romantic First Experience of Eiffel Tower and Seine Night Cruise】                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        巴黎【埃菲尔铁塔与塞纳河夜游船的浪漫初体验】
Departure in the morning and start to visit the main attractions in the center of Paris (intensive urban attractions). Visit the Champ de Mars scenic area (Eiffel Tower), visit the Arc de Triomphe, Champs-Elysées, Place de la Concorde, visit Notre- Dame Cathedral, Paris City Hall, Ile de la Cité and Saint-Michel district (Latin Quarter) in the afternoon, take a romantic ride Enjoy the scenery on both sides of the Seine by boat. 上午出发开始游览巴黎市中心的主要景点(市区密集景点)。参观战神广场风景区(埃菲尔铁塔),游览凯旋门、香榭丽舍大街、协和广场,下午游览巴黎圣母院、巴黎市政厅、西岱岛以及圣米歇尔区(拉丁区),乘坐浪漫游船欣赏塞纳河两岸风光。


Day 7: Paris【Romantic First Experience of Eiffel Tower and Seine Night Cruise】
In the morning, depart from Paris to Versailles to visit the well-preserved Baroque French Royal Palace. In the afternoon, visit the most literary and artistic Champs-Elysées Avenue and surrounding attractions, visit the Louvre Museum, the most famous movie scene in Paris, the Montmartre Heights, visit the Moulin Rouge, the Wall of Love, the Sacred Heart Church, etc., from the topography of Paris the highest point has a panoramic view of Paris. 上午巴黎出发前往凡尔赛宫参观至今保存完整的巴洛克法国皇家宫殿。下午游览巴黎最具文艺气息的香榭丽舍大道及周围景点,游览罗浮宫、当晚游轮巴黎最为著名的电影采景点蒙马特高地,游览红磨坊、爱墙,圣心教堂等,从巴黎地势最高处鸟瞰巴黎全景。
Overnight: Novotel Suite Hotel Paris or similar 4-star hotel


Day 8: Paris [Wander the fashion capital of the Champs
Elysees and Haussmanns] 巴黎【游走于香榭丽舍与奥斯曼大街的时尚之都】
In the morning, visit the Champs-Élysées and Place de la Concorde, and then come to the most prosperous Boulevard Haussmann (Paris Opera House), and visit the numerous fashion stores on Boulevard Haussmann, Printemps, Galeries Lafayette, etc. to witness the world-famous fashion source of the capital. Then transfer to the airport according to the flight time of the tourists, and end the beautiful journey. 上午游览巴黎香榭丽舍大道, 协和广场,随后来到最为繁荣的巴黎奥斯曼大街(巴黎歌剧院),游览巴黎奥斯曼大街上林林总总的时尚总店及巴黎春天百货,巴黎老佛爷等 见证世界著名时尚之都的源头。随后根据游客航班时间送到


1) Private tour Min. GV.4 per booking with English driver cum guide (Chinese guide on request.)
2) Daily Departure. Please ensure your flightschedule tallies with our tour schedule. Any missed flight will not be refunded.
3) Non-refundable deposit of RM 500/Pax upon booking confirmation. Full payment must be made 35 days before departure.
4) 7 Nights’ 4* Accommodations. With daily Hot Breakfast.
5) Tipping for Driver Cum Guide RM 510 /per Tour/per pax.
6) Tour packages are only applied for Malaysian passport holder.
7) Prices are quoted per person in Ringgit Malaysia (MYR) & subject to change without prior notice.
8)Hotel rooms are subject to availability. If selected hotel unavailable, others similar accommodation will be provided with different price apply (if any).
9) Hotel check in time 15.00 – onwards. Check out time 11.00.
10)Child twin share = child with extra bed = adult twin share fare: 100% of adult fare (Twin Share), Child no bed = 75% from Adult Twin Share fare.
11) Sequence of itinerary subject to local arrangement.
12) No services has been blocked under your favor, subject to availability upon your confirmation.
13) ** All the price will be subject to change based on availability **
14) Supplement will be applied for any fairs/events/public holidays/high seasons (subject to change).


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