Borneo Cultures Museum 婆罗洲文化博物馆

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Enjoy a tour of Southeast Asia’s second-biggest museum! Explore Borneo’s rich culture and history through the lenses of those before us, with exhibits ripe with artefacts and information bound to expand your knowledge. Have a world-class experience knowing that this museum showcases a rare glimpse at Bornean history.

Sarawak Museum was established by Charles Brooke the Second Rajah in 1860, due in part to naturalist Alfred Russell Wallace for his influence.
The museum grew maintaining the indigenous pride, identity, and tradition of Sarawakians, even through the Second World War. Sarawak Museum enjoys international recognition as a world-class museum as well as a research center where Journals are published annually for global circulation since 1910. It is a keeper of Sarawak’s rich culture and history and a first-class repository of Bornean culture with the world’s largest collection of Borneo’s flora and fauna. In appreciation of its existence, Sarawak Museum was established as a full-fledged department under the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture Sarawak.
With a total of 6,726 square meters of exhibition space, Borneo Cultures Museum is the second-largest museum in South East Asia.

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• English Speaking Guide
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• Entrance Fee
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• Tour Duration- 6 Hours



砂拉越博物馆由第二任拉惹查尔斯·布鲁克于 1860 年建立,部分原因是博物学家阿尔弗雷德·罗素·华莱士 (Alfred Russell Wallace) 对他的影响。 即使在第二次世界大战期间,博物馆也一直保持着砂拉越人的土著自豪感、身份和传统。砂拉越博物馆是国际公认的世界级博物馆和研究中心,自 1910 年以来每年出版期刊在全球发行。它是砂拉越丰富文化和历史的守护者,也是婆罗洲文化的一流宝库婆罗洲动植物群的最大收藏。为了感谢它的存在,砂拉越博物馆成立为砂拉越旅游、艺术和文化部下的一个成熟部门。 婆罗洲文化博物馆总展览面积达 6,726 平方米,是东南亚第二大博物馆。


• 英语导游

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• 游览时长 – 6 小时


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