Kuching Heritage Cycling Trail 古晋遗产骑行路线

  • The opening stage of 2020 Le Tour de Langkawi (LTdL) cycling race in Kuching.- ZULAZHAR SHEBLEE / THE STAR

Create an unforgettable memories and explore the beauty of Kuching streets by cycling to every heritage sites around town. A guided cycling tour that shows you the beauty and heritage of Kuching’s
streets, dating back at least a century and more. The tour includes the Kuching Waterfront, Tua Pek Kong Temple, Chinese History Museum, Carpenter Street Old Shophouses, General Post Office, Colonial Buildings, India Street, Brooke Dockyard, Open Air Market, Golden Dome Mosque, and finally, the Museum Grounds to visit The Sarawak Museum – Natural History Museum and Sarawak Art Museum. Afterwards, you may opt to return to your hotel or continue exploring on your own.

•Kuching Waterfront
•Tua Pek Kong Temple
•Chinese History Museum
•Carpenter Street Old Shop houses
•General Post Office
•Colonial Buildings
•India Street
•Brooke Dockyard
•Open Air Market
•Golden Dome Mosque
•Museum Grounds
•The Sarawak Museum
•Natural History Museum
•Sarawak Art Museum


Inclusive of
•English Speaking Guide
* Pickup Time 0800Hrs
Additional Information
Tour Duration- 3 1⁄2 Hours

*Terms apply.

骑自行车前往城镇周围的每个遗址,创造难忘的回忆并探索古晋街道的美丽。带导游的自行车之旅,向您展示古晋的美丽和遗产 街道,其历史至少可以追溯到一个多世纪以前。行程包括古晋海滨、大伯公庙、中国历史博物馆、亚答街旧店屋、邮政总局、殖民建筑、印度街、布鲁克船坞、露天市场、金顶清真寺,最后参观博物馆场地砂拉越博物馆 – 自然历史博物馆和砂拉越艺术博物馆。之后,您可以选择返回酒店或继续自行探索。


  • 古晋河滨公园
  • 大伯公庙
  • 中国历史博物馆
  • 亚答街老店屋
  • 邮政总局
  • 殖民时期建筑
  • 印度街
  • 布鲁克造船厂
  • 露天市场
  • 金顶清真寺
  • 博物馆
  • 砂拉越博物馆
  • 自然历史博物馆
  • 砂拉越艺术博物馆


  • 英语导游
  • 交通费

* 接送时间早上8点


游览时间 – 3 1⁄2 小时



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