Kuching Bird Watching 古晋观鸟之旅

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Malaysia has more than 700 species of birds, and even Kuching by itself has over 40 endemic species. Join one of our Kuching day tours to locate some of the Bornean endemic species! With one day of bird watching in Kuching’s surrounding forests, you will have the chance to see some of our varied avians! One Day Tour From Kuching, destinations as below, Kubah National Park, Matang Wildlife Reserve, Borneo Highland Montane Forest, Santubong Forest, Bako National Park, Buntal Bay wetland and Mangrove.

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Entrance Fee
English Speaking Guide
Return Transfers
* Pickup Time 0600Hrs

Additional Information: 
Tour Duration- 11 Hours

马来西亚有 700 多种鸟类,甚至古晋本身就有 40 多种特有物种。加入我们的古晋一日游,寻找一些婆罗洲特有的物种! 在古晋周边的森林中进行一天的观鸟活动后,您将有机会看到我们种类繁多的鸟类! 古晋一日游,目的地如下,古巴国家公园,马当野生动物保护区,婆罗洲高原山地森林,山都邦森林,巴哥国家公园,邦塔尔湾湿地和红树林。


  • 入场费
  • 英语导游
  • 来回接送
    * 接送时间早上6点

游览时长 – 11 小时




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