Semenggoh Wildlife + Kayaking 实蒙谷野生动物保育中心 + 皮筏艇

Package Summary:

After breakfast, depart for Semenggoh Nature Reserve. This is the best place in Sarawak to view semi-wild orangutans who have been rescued from captivity and trained to survive in the surrounding forest reserve. The rehabilitated animals roam freely in the rainforest and often return to the centre at feeding time. The centre is a 45-minute drive from Kuching. Afterwards, take a 45-minute trip to Kampong Bengoh – the launch point for the four-hour kayak tour along the Sarawak River and its tributaries. Having been briefed in the ways of your kayak and general safety, slide off along the river towards Danu village, with ample chance to soak up the sound of undisturbed jungle life as you paddle. Danu is home to around 50 Bidayuh families, Sarawak’s second-largest indigenous group. Access to the village is by a narrow suspension bridge – all vehicles are left outside. Upon reaching Danu, enjoy a traditional Bidayuh lunch before continuing along the river to Kampong Semadang, another Bidayuh village in the Sarawak River basin. Disembark and dry off before transferring back to Kuching where the remainder of your day is at leisure.

Tour Inclusions: 
•Entrance Fee
•English Speaking Guide
•Return Transfers
* Pickup Time 0800Hrs
Recommendations for Kayak Tour
•Comfortable clothes
•Wet shoes
•Sun hat
•Insect repellent
•a change of clothes

Additional Information : 
Tour Duration- 9 Hours
* Kayaking starts at 11:00am daily (subject to weather & river conditions)
* Up to 4 hours of guided kayaking excursion


早餐后,前往实蒙谷自然保护区。这是砂拉越观赏半野生人猿的最佳地点,这些人猿从圈养中被救出,并接受在周围森林保护区生存的训练。康复后的动物在雨林中自由漫步,并经常在进食时间返回中心。该中心距离古晋有 45 分钟车程。然后,花费 45 分钟前往甘榜文戈 (Kampong Bengoh),这里是砂拉越河及其支流四小时皮划艇之旅的出发点。在了解了皮划艇的使用方法和一般安全知识后,沿着河流滑向达努村,在划桨时有充足的机会聆听未受干扰的丛林生活的声音。达努 (Danu) 居住着大约 50 个比达友 (Bidayuh) 家庭,这是砂拉越第二大原住民群体。通往村庄的通道是一座狭窄的吊桥——所有车辆都停在外面。到达达努后,享用传统的比达友午餐,然后继续沿河前往砂拉越河流域的另一个比达友村庄 Kampong Semadang。下船并擦干身体,然后返回古晋,在那里度过余下的一天。


* 接送时间 早上8点




附加信息 :

游览时间 – 9 小时

* 皮划艇活动于每天上午 11:00 开始(视天气和河流状况而定)

* 长达 4 小时的带导游的皮划艇游览


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