Semenggoh Wildlife + Mongkos Longhouse 实蒙谷野生动物+ Mongkos长屋

Package Summary:
This is the best place in Sarawak to view semi-wild orangutans who have been rescued from captivity and trained to survive in the surrounding forest reserve. The rehabilitated animals roam freely in the rainforest and often return to the centre at feeding time. The centre is 45 minutes drive from Kuching. After experiencing the wildlife, depart Semenggoh on a 2-hour drive for a day trip to Mongkos Longhouse. Upon reaching Serian, the nearest town, visit its farmer’s market. Continue the journey and upon arrival, proceed with a tour of the longhouse and learn about the history of the village. Walk around and enjoy the surroundings and daily routine. After, enjoy a locally prepared meal at the village’s homestay café. After meal, depart for Kuching.

Inclusive of:
•1 Lunch
•English Speaking Guide
•Return Transfers
* Pickup Time 0800Hrs

Additional Information:
Tour Duration- 9 Hours


这是砂拉越观赏半野生人猿的最佳地点,这些猩猩从圈养中被救出,并接受在周围森林保护区生存的训练。康复后的动物在热带雨林中自由漫步,并经常在喂食时间返回中心。该中心距古晋 45 分钟车程。体验野生动物后,从实蒙谷出发,驱车 2 小时前往 Mongkos长屋 一日游。到达最近的城镇西连后,参观农贸市场。继续旅程,抵达后,继续参观长屋并了解村庄的历史。四处走走,享受周围的环境和日常生活。之后,在村里的寄宿家庭咖啡厅享用当地准备的餐点。餐后出发前往古晋。


•1 份午餐



* 接送时间早上8点


游览时长 – 9 小时


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