5D4N Ipoh + Gua Musang + Cameron Highland + Kuala Lumpur Tour 5天4晚 怡保 + 话望生 + 金马仑高原 + 吉隆坡之旅


Package Summary:
Day 1 : Arrival at Kuala Lumpur Airport 抵达吉隆坡机场                                                                                                        (L)
Depart To Ipoh 出发到怡保
Kek Lok Tong 极乐洞
✓ complex comprises a central altar featuring a number of Buddhist
figures as well as various deities of the Chinese pantheon
✓ 山溪游船河
Pomelo Farm 柚子园
✓ Farm Visitation 参观柚子园
Ipoh Heritage Walk 怡保文化遗产街
✓ Ipoh Railway Station 怡保火车站
✓ JWW Birch Tower 毕治钟楼
✓ Concubine Lane 二奶巷
Tong Shui Kai 糖水街
Check in Homestay 登入民宿

Day 2 : Check Out Homestay 登出民宿                                                                                                                                            (L) (D)
Proceed to Gua Musang ( ±3hrs ) 前往话望生 ( ±3 小时 )
Taman Negara Sungai Relau 国家公园
✓ Observation Tower 观景台
✓ Jeep Experience 吉普车体验
✓ Picnic activities 野餐活动
✓ Santuary Ikan Kelah 黄鳍结鱼
Swee Nyet Temple 水月宫
✓ 600 Years in History 六百年历史
Cave Temple Zhi Xia Dong 紫霞洞
✓ 150 staircase 150 梯级
✓ Guan Ying Statue caving by hand 手雕观音大士像
Gua Musang Old Railway Station 话望生旧火车站
✓ 100 years in History 100 年历史
Depart to Cameron Highland 前往金马伦
Check in homestay 登入民宿

Day 3: Mardi Park 农业科技园                                                                                                                                                            (L)
✓ English Garden 英国园
✓ Herbs Garden 草药园
✓ Orchid Garden 胡姬花园
✓ Rose Garden 玫瑰园
✓ Research Centre 研究中心
Kea Farm Market 美兰村市集
✓ Favourite place to shop for flowers, vegetables and strawberries
The Sheep Sanctuary 金马仑绵羊场
✓ Merino Import from Australia 澳洲进口的绵羊
✓ Feeding Sheep 餵食绵羊
Strawberry Farm 草莓园
✓ Pick Your Own Strawberries 自助採摘草莓
✓ Food & Gift Shop 购买食物和纪念品
✓ Strawberry Dessert 草莓甜点
Valley Tea House 茶园
✓ Tea valley 参观茶园
✓ Valley Café 茶园餐厅
Back to Homestay 返回民宿

Package Includes :
✓ Transportation 旅游交通
✓ Accommodation 住宿
➢ Ipoh: Homestay
➢ Cameron Highland : Apartment (7pax/unit)
➢ KL : Hotel
✓ Entrance Fee 入场费
✓ Meals as per stated in itinerary 行程上所述之餐点
✓ Tour Coordinator 旅游助理


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