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DAY 1: Helsinki 赫尔辛基 {HEL} (B/L/D)
Arrive in Helsinki and take a tour of downtown Helsinki.
• Helsinki Cathedral 赫尔辛基大教堂
• Uspensky Cathedral 乌斯潘斯基大教堂
• Temppeliaukio Church 岩石教堂
• Senatorial Square 参议院广场
• Helsinki South Harbor 南码头露天广场
• Sibelius Park 西贝柳斯公园
• Helsinki Parliament Square 议会广场
• Daughter of the Baltic Sea Statue 波罗的海的女儿铜像
Lunch: Chinese 6 dishes and soup 午餐-中式六菜一汤
Dinner: Chinese 6 dishes and soup 晚餐-中式六菜一汤

DAY 2: Helsinki G Rovaniemi 赫尔辛基G 罗瓦涅米(FLIGHT INFO:D82520/ AY0533 HEL-RVN 1145-1305)(B/D)
• Ranua Safari Park, Rovaniemi 罗瓦涅米拉努阿野生动物园
Upon arrival, take you to * the world’s northernmost zoo, home to nearly 50 species of polar animals and more than 200 specimens, including bears, Finnish polar bears, lynx, wolves, wolverines, moose and more. Animals in Lanua Polar Zoo are polar animals living in their natural environment. While respecting and protecting polar animals, you can have an in-depth understanding of all aspects of polar animals. There are more than 50 kinds of polar animals for you to see at a time. After returning to Rovaniemi after dinner check in hotel rest.
抵达后,乘车前往*全世界最北端的动物园,园区内有近 50 种极地动物,还包含了 200 多种的动物标本,其中包括熊,芬兰北极熊,猞猁,狼,狼獾,驼鹿等。拉努阿极地动物园的动物皆为自然环境下生存的极地动物,在尊重极地动物保护极地动物的同时,让您更身临其境地深入了解极地动物的方方面面,多达 50 多种的极地动物让你一次看个够, 园区内还有萌趣纪念品店,餐厅,糖果店,让你的旅程充满童趣。后返回罗瓦涅米晚餐后入住酒店休息。
Lunch: Excluded 午餐-不含
Dinner: Chinese 6 dishes and soup 晚餐-中式六菜一汤


DAY 3: Rovaniemi – Saariselka 罗瓦涅米-萨利色尔卡 (B/L/D)
• Santa Claus Office 圣诞老人办公室
• Christmas Post Office 圣诞邮局
• Arctic Circle (with Certificate) 北极圈 夜捕北极光(包含北极圈证书)
Special arrangements for Christmasin the old man’s hometown sleigh, under the traction of reindeer feel completely different travel experience.
Lunch: Simple Western-style 午餐-西式简餐
Dinner: Hotel three-course/buffet 晚餐-酒店三道式/自助

DAY 4: Saariselka 萨利色尔卡 (B/L/D)
• Ski Resort 滑雪场
• Husky Safari 哈士奇拉雪橇
• Snowmobile Aurora Hunting 摩托夜捕北极光
Lunch: Simple Western-style 午餐-西式简餐
Dinner: Hotel three-course/buffet 晚餐-酒店三道式/自助

DAY 5: Saariselka – Kirkenes (Norway) 萨利色尔卡 – 希尔克内斯(挪威)(B/L/D)
Saariselka – Located 500 kilometers below the North Pole in northern Finland, Saaliserka is the northernmost tourist destination on Earth. Here is a ski resort in winter, there will be many tourists who come to ski. Because of the geographical guard of the far north, it has become the best choice for viewing the aurora. It was once a gold rush haven, and many of the thingsleft by the prospectors now make up the Tankavaara Gold Museum, where interested visitors can go to get a taste of the experience.
萨利色尔卡- 萨利色尔卡位于芬兰北部,深人北极园 500 公里,是地球上最北的旅游胜地。这里冬季是滑雪胜地,会有许多游客慕名前来滑雪。这里由于极北的地理卫士,成为了观赏极光不二的选择。这里曾经是淘金天堂,淘金客留下的许多东西现在组成了淘金博物馆,对淘金感兴趣的游客可以去那里体会一下淘金的感觉。
Lunch: Simple Western-style 午餐-西式简餐
Dinner: Hotel three-course/buffet 晚餐-酒店三道式/自助

DAY 6: Kirkenes 希尔克内斯 (B/L/D)
• King Crab Fishing 捕捞帝王蟹
• Ice Hotel Experience 冰雪酒店体验
Ice Hotel Experience – Offers unique accommodation 10 km from Kirkenes. Guests can patronize the restaurant and use the sauna as well as free WiFi and the hotel’s parking lot. In winter, the hotel also has an ice bar.
冰雪酒店体验- 提供独特的住宿,距离希尔克内斯 (Kirkenes)有 10 公里。客人可以光顾餐厅并使用桑拿浴室以及免费WiFi 和酒店内的停车场。冬季,酒店亦拥有冰酒吧
Lunch: King Crab 午餐-帝王蟹
Dinner: Hotel Tri-course/buffet 晚餐-酒店三道式/自助

DAY 7: Kirkenes- Ivalo 希尔克内斯 – 伊瓦洛(B/L/D)
The Finnish town of Ivalo, located at 72 degrees north latitude, is one of the poles in the Arctic trap. Winter, around November to April, is a very special time to visit. It is also the prime time to visit. During this period of travel in Ivalo, you can not only enjoy the endless beautiful snow scenery, enjoy skiing, but also participate in the excellent Ivalo winter tourism programs such as dog sledges and snowmobiles. If you’re lucky, you might see one of the world’s first scenic oddities, the Northern Lights.

芬兰小镇伊瓦洛,位于北纬 72 度,是位于北极困里的一个极地在每年的冬季,大约是十一月份到来年的四月份的时候是一个十分特别的旅游季节,也是旅游的黄金季节。这段时间在伊瓦洛旅游,不仅能够欣赏到无尽的美丽雪景,尽情地滑雪外,还能够参与狗拉雪撬、雪地摩托等极好的伊瓦治冬季旅游项目。如果运气好的话,或许会看到世界上的第一个风景性的奇特景观一北极光。
Lunch: Simple Western-style 午餐-西式简餐
Dinner: Hotel three-course/buffet 晚餐-酒店三道式/自助

DAY 8: Ivalo – Rovaniemi ✈ Helsinki 伊瓦洛 – 罗瓦涅米 ✈ 赫尔辛基 (FLIGHT INFO:D82525 RVN-HEL 1305-1425) (B/L/D)
Transfer to the airport to check in and flew to Helsinki, the capital of Finland. After arriving in the capital, entered the hotel to rest
and free & easy in the afternoon. After dinner, the guide bus takes the guests back to the hotel for a rest.
送往机场办理登机手续,飞往芬兰首都赫尔辛基, 抵达首都后,进入酒店休息,下午自由活动。晚餐后,导游大巴送客人回酒店入住休息。
Lunch: Excluded 午餐-不含
Dinner: Chinese 6 dishes and soup 晚餐-中式 6 菜一汤

DAY 9: Helsinki ✈ Kuala Lumpur 赫尔辛基✈ 吉隆坡 (FLIGHT INFO: TK1762 HEL-IST 1225-1655) (B)
Transfer to the airport to return to Kuala Lumpur 送往机场返回吉隆坡


• 7 Nights’ 3*/4* Accommodations / 1 Nights’ Glass Igloo at Saariselka
• 1 x Chinese restaurant 6 dish + soup lunch
• 2 x Chinese restaurant 6 dish + soup lunch
• 4 x Local restaurant lunch
• 1 x King Crab Lunch
• 5 x Dinners at hotels • Snowmobile Aurora Hunting (Twin Sharing)

• International Flight
• Lunch / Dinner not mentioned above
• Any extra personal expenses Any other Service not mentioned above

1) Private tour Min.GV.6 per booking with Chinese guide & driver.
2) Daily Departure. Please ensure your flight schedule tallies with our tour schedule. Any missed flight will not be refunded.
3) Non-refundable deposit of RM 1000 /Pax upon booking confirmation. Extension night under request. Full payment must be made 45 days before departure.
4) Compulsory tipping for Driver & Guide RM580/per Tour /per pax.
5) Tour packages are only applied for Malaysian passport holder.
6) Prices are quoted per person in Ringgit Malaysia (MYR) & subject to change without prior notice.
7)Hotel rooms are subject to availability. If selected hotel unavailable, others similar accommodation will be provided with different price apply (if any).
8) Hotel check in time 15.00 – onwards. Check out time 12.00.
9)Child twin share = child with extra bed = adult twin share fare: 100% of adult fare (Twin Share), Child no bed = 75% from Adult Twin Share fare.
10)Time Different Kuala Lumpur is 5 hours ahead of Finland. Currency – Euro (EUR).
11) 7–9-seater driver guide (6pax); 17-seater driver guide (8-12pax)
12) Sequence of itinerary subject to local arrangement.
13) No services have been blocked under your favor, subject to availability upon your confirmation.
14) Ensure your flight schedule time, unutilized itinerary for arrival or departure time, is Non-refundable.
15)The quotation does not include the increase during the exhibition. During the exhibition, the accommodation will be extended, or the difference will be made up, and the actual reservation shall prevail.
16) All photo just for illustration only.



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