Bako National Park – Day Trip + Lunch 巴哥国家公园一日游+午餐

Day Trip
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Package Summary: 
This small peninsular, accessible only by boat, is home to seven distinct ecosystems, giving rise to a remarkable diversity of animals and plant life. Bako’s most famous residents are the proboscis monkeys. It is also home to silvered langurs (leaf monkeys), long-tailed macaque monkeys, bearded pigs, flying lemurs, monitor lizards as well as many different bird species. Fascinating plant life includes the mangroves, a system onto itself. There are also strangling fig trees, carnivorous pitcher plants and other symbiotic insect-plant relationships. Unique geological features mark the coastline, whilst well-marked trails lead to
rugged jungle-covered hilltops and secluded beaches.

Tour Inclusions
•Boat Fee
•Entrance Fee
•English Speaking Guide
•Lunch at Park’s Canteen
•Return Transfers
* Pickup Time 0845Hrs

Optional Overnight Stay
2 Days / 1 Nights Bako National Park
* Based on the availability of room types at the national park

Additional Information
Tour Duration- 6 Hours

配套概要: 这个只能乘船抵达的小半岛拥有七个截然不同的生态系统,孕育了极其多样的动植物。巴哥最著名的居民是长鼻猴。它也是银叶猴(叶猴)、长尾猕猴、胡须猪、飞狐猴、巨蜥以及许多不同鸟类的家园。迷人的植物生命包括红树林,它是一个独立的系统。还有绞杀无花果树、食肉猪笼草和其他昆虫与植物的共生关系。独特的地质特征标志着海岸线,而标记清晰的小径则通向 崎岖的丛林覆盖的山顶和僻静的海​​滩。







* 接送时间上午8点45分 


2天/ 1夜巴哥国家公园

* 根据国家公园房型的供应情况


游览时长 – 6 小时


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