Wind & Fairy Caves 风洞 & 仙洞

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The town of Bau, 22km from Kuching is famed as a former gold mining centre and as the primary scene of the Chinese Rebellion of 1857. Nowadays its most popular attractions are its two unusual limestone caves. The Fairy Cave is so-called because of a stalagmite structure at its entrance which is said to resemble Kuan Yin, the Chinese Goddess of Mercy. The Wind Cave is named for the constant cooling breeze which blows through it.

Package Includes :

  • Return transfer
  • English speaking guide
  • Entrance Fee
  • Packed lunch

* Pickup Time 0830Hrs (back to city approach 3pm)

Additional Information
Tour Duration- 6 Hours

距离古晋 22 公里的石隆门镇是以前金矿开采中心以及1857 年华人起义的主要地点而闻名。如今,它最受欢迎的景点是两个不同寻常的石灰岩洞穴。仙洞因其入口处的石笋结构而得名,据说它酷似中国观世音菩萨。风洞因不断吹过它的凉爽微风而得名。


  • 入场费
  • 英语导游
  • 外带午餐
  • 来回接送

接送时间 0830Hrs (3pm返回市区)


游览时间 – 6 小时




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